What guides us

A company is only as good as the people behind it. We at SCHMID-DONZDORF are convinced that trust and long-term success can only be achieved if three cornerstones determine our actions: Customer orientation, quality and sustainability.

Future-oriented companies pursue holistic concepts and need innovative partners in the supply chain network. That is our mission. Our customers with a digital manufacturing world fully trust in SCHMID-DONZDORF's experience and solution competence.


As an independent company with a long tradition, we want to set standards in quality - from development and design to series production. Many years of experience and comprehensive know-how, regular certifications, dedicated residual dirt tests and reliable data on product and process quality are the ideal basis for us to offer our customers the high-quality product solutions they rightly expect from SCHMID-DONZDORF.

Our constant drive for innovative development as well as continuous qualification of our employees enable us to further expand our leading market position.

Here you will find our cleanliness requirements.

We operate internationally

If you want to offer your customers and their end users the best application technology and benefit solutions, you have to know what makes them tick. SCHMID-DONZDORF relies on proximity to its customers and their end users – worldwide. As a global player, long-standing and successful relationships with customers all over the world shape our company as well as our corporate mission statement.

customer orientation

We are there where our customers need us. Because in order to be able to offer you and your end customers the best application technology and benefit-generating solutions, we have to know what makes you tick.

SCHMID-DONZDORF therefore relies on long-standing customer relationships, mutual trust and proximity to the market – not only in Germany, but also in Europe and throughout the world.

courage and strength

Our team of competent and motivated employees works in a solution-oriented manner and is open to new approaches and ways of thinking.

Trusting in our experience and skills, we at SCHMID-DONZDORF face the challenges of the present and the future – every day.


Why complicate things when they can be simple? At SCHMID-DONZDORF, we always think and act according to the maxim: As complex as necessary, as simple as possible.

Overcomplicated solutions tie up personnel and resources, usually without any practical added value. We are convinced that simplicity as a principle gets the job done faster and more economically in most cases.


We are convinced that reliability and consistency will always prevail in the market. At SCHMID-DONZDORF, we therefore place the emphasis in our actions on sustainable and future-proof management.

In doing so, we take equal account of ecological, economic and social aspects and react flexibly to changing framework conditions. Only through the combination of long-term goals and short-term adjustments do we remain successful in the market.

Finding true motivation, not in the constant pressure to perform by superiors, but in appreciation to employees.

Christiane Schmid
Managing director SCHMID-DONZDORF