Fuel Tanks

Safe, leak-proof fuel tanks, even in the long term, are indispensable for all fuel-powered commercial vehicles.


Sheet steel
Stainless steel

Welding Process

Roll seam welding
Laser welding
Spot welding


up to 250 liters

Production Lot Sizes

Series and annual
requirements up
to 20.000 pieces

Areas Of Application

Construction machinery
Agricultural machinery
Industrial and commercial vehicles


up to 250 kg

Your advantages

  • highest precision in production
  • high resistance to abrasion and deformation in case of fall or impact
  • long service life thanks to state-of-the-art production welding processes
  • high component cleanliness and tightness
  • professional experience with difficult installation spaces and special supports
  • high safety and reliability of containers thanks to many years of experience
  • easy integration
  • cost-saving and cost-transparent
  • SCHMID-DONZDORF manufacturer’s warranty
  • demand-oriented delivery - on demand


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